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How did I get so lucky that you are visiting my special offer page? Thank you for being a contribution to the Orlando Alternative Health and Lifestyle Guide Directory Launch Party. What can we create together?

This special offer prepared just for you is a savings of over $1000!

The Access Consciousness™ Clearing Statement (PDF)
Reading or saying this clearing statement gives you the ability to address limitations and to clear them from the point of creation.

The 5 Elements of Intimacy (Workbook)
Would you like to have lightness around anything stuck with intimacy in your life? This workbook allows you to release heaviness with relationships in your reality. Learn about the five elements of intimacy and create allowance to generate more intimacy in your life with those you love and people you would like to attract as well. Use this workbook in conjunction with the clearing statement.

Stand, Command, and Demand (telecall)
What do you want? The word “want” actually means “lack.” This call will help you to create questions to receive. What if your point of view created your reality? What if changing your point of view actually changed your reality. What if “I want” blocked you from receiving it?

7 Daily’s (PDF)
7 daily exercises and questions to keep your energy flowing through you and keep your question muscle in shape! Use these tools for yourself, with your family, and at work! Everyone can get in on the fun to generate energy and change. It’s not about trying to draw conclusions or going to judgement, but to generate more energy to create choices, power and awareness in your life.

Meditation+ (MP3 Download)
Relax- Restore- Empower! This is a meditation that you can use anytime to open your chakras and clear your energy points. Find a new level of self awareness and see what happens when you consider that what if the love of your life is you?

Coaching call In this call, I will provide possibilities and choices to your questions and facilitate you to choose for you! Call in details to be provided.

Would you like to receive everything in this package? Payments are processed through PayPal. You do not need a PayPal account – all major credit cards can be used.

*This special offer is available through May 16, 2012.

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